Coq au vin (English version)

This is a fairly elaborate recipe with some variations from a book. It takes time to prepare it, but it tastes so much better. All ingredients should be given separately. Later, everything cooks together.


    • spring onions

    • Shallot, Champignons

    • Casareccida noodles

    • Bacon

    • 1 chicken or one breast (with skin), 2 clubs, 4 wings

    • 1 bottle of red wine (ideal is Burgundy but Cotes du Rhone is good as well, but not too cheap))

    • 1 pin of Cognac or Calvados

    • Flour

    • Butter oil

    • Thyme, rosemary and parsley

    • Salt, pepper

Here we go

The ingredients, part 1.

Clean the mushrooms and cut them in quarters, cut the shallots in half, cut the spring onions into small sticks. Combine herbs into a bouquet.

The ingredients part 2. prepare the bacon. Wash the chicken.

Cut the chicken in small pieces and slightly salt them. Add pepper.

The ingredients part 3.

Pan fry the bacon in 1/2 tbsp butter, not too hot.

Remove the bacon from the pot and fry the shallots.

Remove the shallots from the pot. .

Add butter and some butter oil to the pot. Fry the chicken pieces in portions. First on the skin side. It takes 5-7 minutes per serving. Shall be nice cross.

Remove the finished pieces and dust with flour.

Finally fry the mushrooms. You have to add more butter. After the frying flambé with the Cognac / Calvados.

Remove the mushrooms from the pot and re-fill the meat, the bacon and the shallots.

Add the whole bottle of red wine. Place the herb bouquet into the sauce. Put the lid onto the pot. Now it has to cook slightly for 45 minutes. The noodles need 10 minutes. When the noodles come into the water, the butter 8refer to next step), mushrooms and spring onions must be added again to the pot.

1/2 tbsp butter mixed with 1/2 tbsp flour and form into a heap.

Just before the noodles come into the water the mushrooms and the spring onions together with the flour-butter mixture have putted into the pot and mix well. Take the herbs from the sauce. Season with pepper and salt.


And here the gallery. Click on a picture to see a high resolution.

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