Asparagus Asian style

This is a good change to the traditional German style asparagus. In Germany, typically white asparagus is eaten, while elsewhere it is more likely to eat green asparagus. This asparagus is roasted and gives a splendid combination with the sharp chili and the sesame oil.

You can get good asparagus from April to June on the weekly market in Gröbenzell (every Friday morning). If you don’t like green asparagus or can’t get white asparagus just use the color you like and can get.


  • 1Kg white asparagus
  • 250g green asparagus
  • Chili
  • 1,5 Spoons sunflower oil
  • 1,5 Spoons sesam oil
  • 7 Spoons soy sauce

Here we go

The asparagus and the chili. The amount of chili defines the degree of ‘hotness’. You can keep the asparagus for several days in a wet towel.

The oil and the soy sauce. Instead of sunflower oil you can use peanut oil as well.

Peel the white asparagus up to 5cm below the top and cut the lowest 1,5cm. It should be nicely juicy where you cut it. Peel the green asparagus only at the lower 6-7cm and cut 1cm at the end. Wash both.

Cut the asparagus diagonally into thin slices. Half the heads.

Cut the chili into thin slices.

Cook the asparagus together with the chili in the two oils. The white asparagus takes a little bit longer, so add the green ones about 2 minutes later.

After 7-8 minutes the asparagus is soft. Now add the soy sauce and you are ready.

The asparagus is perfect for the BBQ or to a leg of lamb. There you can also see a photo of the asparagus.

And here the gallery. Click on a picture to see a high resolution.

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