Leg of lamb

In Germany lamb is a traditional Eastern dish. This lamb tastes excellent due to the low temperature, but preparing it takes very long. The club here (1.3Kg) took 3 hours. Larger need 3.5 hours, smaller 2.5. The sauce is optional. For this it needs bones and if you can get them it makes a lot of sense.
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Smoked pork, Kasseler Austrian style

This recipe is the only one I know that doesn’t need any additional spices or herbs, not even salt. It’s always working if you follow the instructions, it’s simple and perfect for cold winter days. The only important thing is to get the right meat. At the Butcher Salzberger you will get the right piece in the right quality. On Friday mornings you will find him on the market in Gröbenzell.
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Like some dishes, roulades are best prepared the day before and warmed up the next day. It is also important that you have kitchen yarn to wrap the roulades, brackets do not hold this variant together. This is a slightly variated version of the traditional German roulade. If you prefer the original one just remove the paprika and the leek.

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